Off Page Optimization

  • SE Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Video Submission
  • Software Submission
  • Googlebase Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Contest Submission
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On Page SEO

  • Original and Attractive Title
  • Attractive Description
  • H1 / H2 tags
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Content Fixing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Static Sitemap
  • Breadcrumb
  • xhtml/w3c Validation
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  • Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

seo Reporting

  • Keyword Analysis Report
  • Competition Analysis Report
  • Link Building Report
  • Blog Commenting Report
  • Blog Posting Report
  • Article Submission Report

Analysis, Research and Consulting

  • Semantic Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • Position Monitoring
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Log File Analysis
  • Visitors
  • Behaviors Analysis
  • Goal Assessment
  • Website Auditing
  • Analyzing Existing Promotional Activities
  • Consulting on maximizing page conversions
  • Website code / Graphics analysis
  • Web Site Architecture Assessment

Tricks : More web traffic and new visitors for your website and blog

Hope if you are using Google analytics you  might have already noticed that new visitors are coming to your website or blog. (If  you new to  Google analytics please visit and create  account today.itself.) One of the best ways to grow your blog productivity is finding new visitors for your blog, Here are some tips I hope that would work fine when you follow them.
Every day search engines send millions of new peoples (website visitors) to your web sites and blogs based on its popularity on the web, so you need to optimizing your blog for search engines . All you have to do is know about the basic of seo (search engine optimization)  and to optimize your blog for search engines. Updating your blog regularly with unique, fresh and informative contents also give more value  and improve you to get new visitors from search results. First and foremost thing is the content. Try to add as much content and and as frequent as possible. This single measure can solve all other problems and get you lots of targeted traffic through search engines. Though no search engine penalizes for duplicate content, try to post unique content as its essential to develop loyal readers for your blog or website .
Free classifieds submissions:
There are plenty of free classifieds sites out there where you can submit the news about your newproducts and services. It is a good and effective way to find  good clients for your business too. Most of the classifieds  sites are high Page ranked and millions of visitors are flowing across the web. We can use such sites to get new visitors.
Commenting on other blogs:
If a new visitors find your link on other blog and they will end up your blog through the link which your have commented on other blog .
Getting back links:
Now, if you are adding some unique and useful content then you can get backlinks without any extra efforts. Otherwise developing backlinks can be a very tedious job. Various methods include – link exchange, do-follow blog commenting, do-follow forum posting, top-commentator blogs commenting extra. Backlinks can get you a higher ranking i search engine results, and thus increase your traffic.
More Tips: :D
1) Optimize your web pages for content
This is very important, most people think that link building is more important than the content itself. But you cannt undermine the importance of Web pages themselves. Optimize your web pages for the most relevant keywords.If you have keywords that can have different category then better add separate page for them.
2) Optimize pages for title and meta tags
In addition to content each page has to be optimized for title and meta tags.It is pitty that most people only focus on home page and ignore rest of pages.
3) Social Media Optimization
SMO is another way for increasing the traffic directly.
4) Relevant, interesting and useful content
Let your web pages have unique and interesting content which are useful for visitors and who can keep coming back to your website. Always keep updating your content if you can.
5) Blog
Blogs are dynamic and easy to promote. They can be used to bring traffic to your main website.
6) Articles
Write articles and provide links to your main website.

How to Recover from the Google Panda Update

In this article I am going to tell how torecover from the Google Panda update. Panda was implemented on February 24th, so if your rankings are down before or much later, the reason could be something else. You need to check and make sure your Google analytics before you blame the new Google algorithm.
Google Panda update target:
  1. Duplicate content.
  2. Not enough text on the page.
  3. No internal or external links to the page.
  4. Google Panda looks at individual pages for low value including content, links, page loading time, unwanted java scripts , ads on page etc.
  5. Page loading time.
  6. Link and content farm websites.
  7. Site has large number of useless information indexed in Google.
  8. Site has no SEO friendly structure.The following are some steps you can  try to recover the lost traffic from Google search.
Improving the quality of your content in general. Make sure your website content is not a copy of any another website content. Always provide fresh and unique content. Google Panda updates targets low quality content websites. So you need to make sure that you are providing good quality content for better user experience.
Now, Google only give priority to top quality contents on its search results. Bad quality content website will go in darkness forever. Keep in mind that reconsideration request on Google may not work in this panda update case . So, you need to be very careful.
Advertisements on your website. Please make sure you are not showing too many ads on your pages. External ads will hurt you. If we use link to external pages we should make it a no follow link. Bad advertisement neighborhood  is also a major problem if you are caught by Google Panda updates.
Please remove unwanted keyword stuffing on your pages. Use only the right and minimal keywords for your web pages and do not add non content related keywords to your pages. So, I recommend you all to give priority to your most valuable keywords. Your target keyword should be added in the first sentence of the article and should be made bold. So friends please make sure it is in the first paragraph itself.
You must ensure that you are using the correct spellings, grammar, syntax while creating yourarticles or web page contents. Even when you submit your contents to any blog or articles submission directories.
You must immediately remove poor quality contents from your web pages. Try to update with high quality page contents.
If your website domain is hurt by Google Panda update , please try to create sub domains and try to update with fresh and new contents. Also you need to link several pages internally that are related to your main content keywords. If you are not using internal linking please try that today itself. Link building is a main solution for Google panda update. You should link to several pages internally that are related to your keywords.
You need to try both On page optimization and Off page optimization  which are very important.
In Googles new search algorithm and panda update targets (low quality) content websites. This Google Panda update is designed to reduce rankings for low quality sites which are low value added for Google search users. So, you need to make sure your each and every article is having good quality. Your article’s  content must be informative, filled with quality editorial content and must be easy to navigate.
Re design your existing pages for better user experience. Fast loading, good content structure, easy navigational and good quality contents are a added advantage.

How to Redesign a Good Website After the Google Panda Update‏

Today I am going to tell you how to redesign a good website after the Google Panda update. Google is not only looking for good article websites, the layout and other things are also very valuable on Google’s new algorithm.  So you have to think and update your existing website design. You need to produce a good looking and fast loading website.
I request you to go through my other article onGoogle panda Updates before reading this. Here are a few things you can follow to update your pages. First of all I am going to tell you how to create  a simple layout to attract Google.
Try and create a two column website design.  Place the logo to the top left side of the page. On the right hand side you can place the latest article title withlink. Then you place your top menu. After placing the top menu you should think about placing content on the main part.
Here in this image you can see the latest headline section. There you can place your last 10 article titles. Don’t  forget to link it with your article summary. Please keep in mind that do not add too much title on the top of the page.  10 article titles are good enough.
After that you can place latest articles with summary. You can place 5 to 10 articles in the main page. Please try to avoid adding too many tags for the post. Google may consider this as spamming. Please make sure all your  contents are accessible from the main page of your website.
Now you can think about the side bar. Your side-bar must be simple and good looking. Do not add too much ads on the sidebar. Try to add minimal graphics and ads. Do not add any ads on the top half side of your pages.  You can place your ads somewhere after the mid portion of your web page.
You must give more importance to the content of your pages and  not for any ads. Fast loading and good navigational websites are good in terms of new Google’s algorithm. Please make sure your website is fast loading and giving good navigational values.
On the top of your sidebar add your main categories. Do not make too many unwanted categories.It will confuse the search engines. So make it as simple as possible.  After your categories you can place your ad banners. I told you earlier please try to avoid adding too many banners.  Banners will take time to load on your pages . This will seriously affect your Google ranking. Not just that people prefer less advertisement  websites.
Try to give a new experience on your site users. Force them to come back to your website and let them add some plus mark for you!.
Now you need to think about making your footer. Add a top navigational link menu in the footer also. This is good for Google Crawler. Google Panda update is targeting for bad looking websites. Do not make your users confused. Always make your website simple and humble. Please don’t add too many content and links on the footer.
Do not add unwanted pages and non related contents. Only provide your website related with fresh and unique contents. Make sure that you have not added any keyword stuffing on your pages. Adding too many tags are also considered as keyword spamming . So keep away from such behaviors. Try to boost your good design and content in front of new Google’s Panda updates.
I am sure a well structured and good content website will have all the value in Google’s new algorithm. The core idea is this make sure your website is simple and good looking. Less ads, fast loading, minimal graphics and less java scripts etc.
Also while adding image on your articles or on your pages, please add relevant alt tags, it is very valuable in Google’s new algorithm. Be a trust worthy fellow to your website users. Then search engines will also trust you. Google’s new change is for it’s users. Google wanted it’s users to be happy and get 100%  satisfaction while they are on Google search. Google don’t want to direct it’s users to any wrong place. So if your website is catchy, you can definitively drive the real and valuable Google search users to your website.
Google Panda loves good articles rich, simple and nice designed websites. Keep away from unwanted SEO methods. So friends try to make a good website and make Google panda as your lovely lover for ever.

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